About Connect Games Site

The connect games online is a new Black in the world of online gaming. The games are bright and colorful made for any taste and mood. Try holiday editions of games or just themed to the animal world or simple dot-connection games. All games are made to train your sight or logic. Be attentive and you will shorten your gaming time.

How to play Connect games online?

Connect dots, lines, cubes, flowers or animals and fill in the field with connection lines, or vice versa clean up the gaming field to win. The main rule is to connect similar colored dots or similar pictures of different creatures etc. Once you try you will get the rules.

But bear in mind all games are unique and one of a kind. If there is an in-game instruction just read it carefully, maybe it will give you any kind of tip to win the game.

What is the Connect Game online site?

this site is a collection of different connection games. As we have already mentioned those games have one in common – connect similar tiles, units, dots etc. All the other game graphics is different from another. Try your best to dive in the world of Connect gaming with full screen mode of our online games. Do not forget our games are free and so you may play it whenever you are 24/7.

TOP 10 most interesting Connect online games for free

  1. Flow Lines Play Free Online;
  2. Heart Gems Connect Play Free Online;
  3. Connect The Balls Play Free Online;
  4. Animals Connect Play Free Online;
  5. Word Holiday Play Free Online;
  6. Light Up Play Free Online;
  7. Puzzle Color Play Free Online;
  8. Pipeline 3D Online Play Free Online;
  9. Pizza Delivery Puzzles Play Free Online;
  10. Linear Basketball Play Free Online.