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The game Max Pipe Connect is ready to give you a lot of impressions. It is unlikely that you dreamed of becoming a plumber in the age of technology. But this craft is very interesting. It would seem that what could be interesting in a simple rearrangement of pipes? But the creators of Plumber 3 have found a way to captivate players.

In this game, everything is like a real plumber. The player should keep an eye on the piping to prevent floods and leaks.The player’s job is to ensure a normal water supply. I don’t think you knew that this process requires not only strong hands, but also your logic. You have to exercise discipline. You will have to work efficiently.

You will be given a suitcase of tools. It is a red box with a pickaxe, a blueprint, and other useful tools inside. You have an undo button to adjust your strategy.

Budget money is available to you. You will have to use your wits to use the resources wisely. Money will have to be spent wisely. For example, if you have to put a pipeline into a factory, you have to do it intelligently as a project manager. Every time you move a pipe, it costs you money.

That said, every time you successfully solve one level, the next one will become more difficult. Now the great plumber will have to prove himself as an effective manager. You have to keep your spirit of determination. The plumber needs to act strategically. If you successfully cope with all the challenges, you’ll get bonus stars at the end of the level.

You have no limits to the plumber’s activities. You can lay the world’s longest pipeline. There are 300 levels in the game. You have everything you need to build a pipeline for the Guinness Book of Records.

This game is preferred to play by those who want to spend time in a fun way. The game is perfect for entertaining if you find yourself in traffic, in a long line or waiting at the airport. You have enough time and opportunities to challenge yourself every time.

The rules of the game are simple. You only need to play a couple of levels to understand its secrets. Each level challenges the player to create new and unique pipeline networks. And yes, it’s not just water that flows through the pipelines. You can run oil through them. If the oil flows through your network, then you’ve succeeded.

If you had to stop the game, the app saves it at the achieved level. You will have a game map showing your achievements. You can pick up where you left off at any time. Your progress is not lost. Your experience will increase with each new level.

The game Plumber 3 is completely free to play. But there are some paid options. You can buy diamonds to build your piping network. They will help make your work better. In addition, if you want to play without ads, you can get a paid account for little money.



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