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Om Nom Connect Christmas Game


Om Nom Connect Christmas game is built in the style of Christmas. The cute character Om Nom wants to celebrate Christmas in your company. He has some friends. Your job is to collect candy and monster tiles. You have to do it right. Om Nom and his friends will help you do it. If you find the right tile pair, both tiles disappear.

Monsters and candy will get in your way every step of the way. But Om Nom will help you. He always has solutions for difficult situations and is willing to share them with you. He can hand you his magnifying glass if you’re having trouble finding a title match. If you need help urgently, Om Nom can shuffle all the tiles so that monsters and candy go astray. With Om Nom, you will be an invincible force. It’s easy to become a champion with a friend like that. So get to the game right now.


Click/Touch the 2 same monsters or candies you want to connect, but beware that other monsters and candies block them, so keep an eye on your path. If you successfully connect 2 cute monsters or candies, they disappear, and you win when the board is fully cleared. However, there is a time limit, and you will lose the game, when the timer hits 0. But don’t worry, there are power ups you can use to ease up your playthrough, or help you find a connection you didn’t see before.

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