Om Nom Connect Classic

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Om Nom Connect Classic Game


The addictive game Om Nom Connect Classic invites you into an amazing world of adventure. Cute character Om Nom needs your company. The fact is that he needs to pass an important test in the game. He will not be able to gather all his friends alone to share his candy with them. Are you ready to participate in this cute activity?

Help Om Nom by collecting the same candy and monsters. You need to collect them from the playing field to the last candy and the last monster. Whoever is the first to collect them all gets the most points. The most agile and fastest will be the winner of this game.


Unfortunately, the monsters are blocking each other, so you need to be careful to find the right location to connect them. But don’t worry: Om Nom has some great bonuses to help you in difficult situations! Use a magnifying glass to see at a glance what combination of monsters is possible, or use the Om Nom shuffle to completely shuffle the arrangement of monsters and sweets on the board.

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