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Onet Connect Classic Game


The game Onet Connect Classic is built like Mahjong. Here you are also given a board with tiles. You have to find a pair for each tile. Remember, you have a limited amount of time. You need to be fast and resourceful. There are certain rules for connecting the tiles. The path between them should be less than three lines. There should be no more than two corners. You need to play by these rules until the end of the allotted time.

If you don’t make it within the allotted time, all achievements are lost when the time comes to an end. All tiles return to their original state. With each level, the game becomes more interesting. You can choose any theme. Different themes are available. Do you like the theme of animals? Then the tiles will be in the form of cute animals. If you like sweets, your tiles will be in the form of your favorite candy. If you’re a health food advocate, then play with fruits and vegetables. The theme is up to you. Show off your dexterity.


Find pairs and remove all tiles from the field before the time is up in this cute Mahjong connect game!

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